70s Bikeway Funding Used to Pave Unimproved Road

I wonder what percentage of the unbuilt and perennially delayed 70s bikeway construction and design budget this amounts to?

“This work on NE Everett Street is funded as part of the 70’s Greenway project. Traditionally, road improvements to privately maintained streets occurred through a Local Improvement District (LID) project. That would require funding from all property owners with frontage along the street. According to Hannah Schafer**,** Interim Director of Communications for PBOT, the four lots affected by this road construction will not need to pay for the work. “The project is Federally funded, so the property owners don’t have to contribute,” explained Schafer.”

Maybe this means they’ll be starting to improve all the extremely dangerous crossing along the purposed route?

I’m thinking of Powell, Division, Washington, Stark (probably the best currently), Burnside, Glisan (depends if they are shifting from 80th to 74th as this associated work indicates), and Halsey.

And how often does this actually happen, in reality? Almost never, I’d wager, at least not these days given the high cost of moving utilities, performing environmental assessments, adding bioswales and storm sewers and such.

So it goes in our fundamentally broken city. Sure, politicians like Charlie Hales found our 50 miles of unpaved. unmaintained roads useful; he promised paving, then claimed chip-sealing already-paved-roads counted. Another bait-and-switch leveraging our disillusionment.