4/9/21 update NE corner of SW 12th Ave & SW Columbia St. second hand bicycle related dismantling / service industrial activity without permit

4/9/21 update: someone posted a picture on social media and I am sharing a picture that they have taken sometime today:

3/19/21 update: They’re now hiding them from the plain view during the daylight, but if you go there during the twilight hours, they’re neatly laid out on a tarp like it’s a midnight bike frame flea market. If you want to go investigate, go in a group of 2-3 for your own safety. Bring a means of self defense just in case you become confronted by the business operators.

There is a second hand bicycle dismantling and service related business/industrial activity. City of Portland business license did not indicate a permit having been issued for this location for such business on the sidewalk.

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Wow, what an ambitious entrepreneurial endeavor! I wonder where they advertise. Maybe OfferUp?

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Business activity has grown since the last time it was observed on February 21. I’ve attached the observation from back then just so you can compare it.

Business hours are not posted, but it is usually most bustling around 22:00 to 04:00.

This only keeps getting bigger and bigger.