33rd to Marine Drive

Wow, has anyone seen NE 33rd lately? I mean heading up to Marine Drive up near the airport. Like in many places “these days”, the car/truck/rv living has really taken over the shoulders over here. But the Mad Max cum chop shop action on 33rd is pretty incredible; fully disassembled vehicles, doors, seats, everything. You’d think an area between BPA and the National Guard would have some semblance of order. I don’t mean to be insensitive to the homeless situation, but I am sensitive to the shoulders and bike path situations, as well as the overwhelming trash situations. Ride safe out there.


Yeah, it’s nuts. Seems like the city is ignoring a few specific areas that have been growing, this being one of them.

I’ve never felt threatened out there, but it detracts enough from an mediocre (at best) riding area that I quit going

Yes. I ride by this a lot and have been thinking about it too. It’s terrible to see so many people living out of their vehicles on public streets. Not good for anyone. And yeah, it does make riding a little more dangerous because I move way into the middle of the adjacent lane as I go by. Luckily 33rd is pretty chill and low-volume in this section.

It’s such a frustrating issue. Really comes down to politics and public sentiment. The vibe at City Hall right now is that it’s not a priority to be tougher on stuff like this - especially during the pandemic. I don’t see anything changing until we create a stronger society that can take care of more people and/or until there are a few new faces on City Council.

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I ride out and back on this section of 33rd frequently and have seen the numbers of campers ebb and flow, but recently it has reached new heights. Same with other areas, like along Schmeer by Park Meadows. Clearly the situation is being ignored by the city right now. I’m somewhat sympathetic but admittedly unnerved as I ride by piles of bike parts and speculate on how they got there. I also speculate on how a lot of those rigs got there, as some obviously were not driven under their own power. I once saw a large tow truck drop one off on 33rd. Does anyone know how the supply chain for those RVs and campers works?


The bike paths on both sides of the street are now blocked in multiple places by vehicles, RV steps, debris, trash, autoparts. The volume of campers, trailers, debris piles has gone way up, and grows weekly… Not sure what can be done, but it is becoming hazardous for riders, drivers, and campers as well…

Yes! 33rd is a disaster as well. I don’t know how bad it is supposed to get before anything is done about it, but that was the route I took home after I was too afraid to double back on the I-205 MUP where I was attacked. Honestly I really don’t feel too adventurous anymore on my bike after the recent experiences I’ve had.

Probably unpopular opinion but we need to start issuing offensive littering citations to numerous non-profits that go to them and leave things behind to them to make it easier for the campers to stay where they are.

Imagine what they would do to ordinary people if they were caught unloading their unwanted food items and other household stuff on the side of the road in Eastmoreland like some non-profit did on NE 33rd.