3-D printed bicycle

There’s a company 3-D printing carbon-fiber bicycles. Thought it’d toss it out here for general interest and to see what people’s thoughts are. It’s a little lighter frame, but the feature that seems like the biggest draw to me is a fully custom size.
    Superstrata Bike | Indiegogo

So, how important is frame size/fit to you? Is there value in a frame that’s just exactly the right size, as opposed to merely “close”?

The custom fit thing would probably be great for this type of racing bike where you want maximum power and comfort. I don’t need that kind of precision but maybe once I tried it I wouldn’t want to go back.

The lie that gets me is using the word “continuous” when there’s nothing continuous about it. You’re still laying down multiple layers of fiber, not a continuous layer where the fiber thread is never broken.

Also, it’s got a derailleur so I’d never buy it. I only ride city bikes.