3/14/21 large active boneyard unpermitted bicycle dismantling shop in bikelane and sidewalk on SW 13th Ave & SW Montgomery St downtown


Originally in Mid February. Picture from 2/21. Last checked on 3/15/21. Unpermitted bicycle dismantling operations and its boneyard has grown significantly in the 2 1/2 weeks. Things are definitely getting cut apart. There is actually a gasoline powered generator used to power tools. All of this happening right in the bike lane and numerous unknown subjects loitering right in the roadway and coming and going late at night.

obscured against view from view on city street, but visible from freeway on-ramp.

It’s open season on bikes. No enforcement. :frowning:

There’s a suspicious gold 2004 Chevrolet Blazer that goes back and forth between this encampment and the encampment across Lincoln High School on SW 14th Ave in middle of the night.

The size of boneyard has grown dramatically since when this thread was made. The bicycle lane is 100% blocked on SW 13th in this part, ironically by unpermitted, illegal bicycle dismantling activity is only occurring really late at night, and there’s even a gasoline generator being used in the illegal commercial enterprise.

There’s now a sizable pile covered in tarp at:


Do you think submitting a tip to the Bike Theft Task Force will help at all?


I think the task force has been disbanded due to police budget cuts/defunding but wonder if some of the officers that were on the task force will still investigate tips if they have time during their shifts. The link for tips is still operational. Probably wishful thinking given the current amount of violence occurring in Portland nowadays. I imagine the cops don’t have much time for property theft crimes. :frowning:

the sidewalk bike frame bazaar on NE corner of SW 12/Columbia has already been reported several weeks ago and it’s not changed much. It simmered down for a few days, but it’s back to full force. It might not have been related to the report at all. so I’m inclined to say… not really.