1990s Swap meet

Hi all, just reminiscing about a time I vaguely remember in the 1990s when the City of Portland closed down the entire Burnside bridge for a city wide bicycle swap meet. It was such a huge deal for my dad that he drug the whole family 300 miles to attend. The the whole bridge was absolutely packed with vendors of all sorts and I even remember it spilling under the bridge down to the water on the west side. We went home with a giant supply of swag and other assorted items. Anyone have pics/stories, possibly, from this event? Any chance in bringing something so cool or similar back?

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I would love to attend a swap meet like that. A friend of mine of Colorado was telling me about one they had there recently.

It was more than a swap meet - from the 1996 Portland Bicycle Master Plan:

EVENTS AND EDUCATION In 1991, the Bicycle Program also reinitiated
events to encourage more bicycle use. For example, in 1992, it held a series of
neighborhood-based family rides called NeighborRide. It has held over 15 annual Bicycle Commute Days and helped plan the 1993 and 1994 Burnside Bridge
BikeFests, which attracted more than 10,000 participants. In 1994, Portland
hosted the international Pro-Bike/Pro-Walk conference with several hundred
participants from all over the world. The conference attracted planners, engineers, activists, and others interested in learning innovative techniques for making cities more bicycle-friendly. The Bicycle Program has also been involved in
education of bicyclists and motorists about bicyclists’ rights, responsibilities and
practices. It has helped the City’s Community Traffic Safety Program (formerly
Reclaiming Our Streets) hold traffic safety training for fifth grade classes,
worked on the kindergarten to fifth grade “Kids on the Move” bicycle and
pedestrian curriculum, and supported the City’s annual “Slow Down for Kids
Sake” media campaign. It has also been working closely with community education and advocacy groups.