11/20/20 New Bike Chopshop at SW 13th & SW Main St

A new bicycle chop shop popped up on SW 13th Avenue on the dirt patch on the west side of street, about 175 ft from the drug addict health services located on SW Main Street.

A pile of several chopped up bikes were observed here last on the night of 11/20. One was a candy cane red men’s frame.

A handful of disassembled bikes in between those two tents. If you come by to check it out, make sure you thoroughly eye the area on SW 14th too, across from Lincoln High campus. I doubt these two tents are “lived in” but more likely just lookout or storage for illegitimate stuff. It is essentially across from Outside In derelict youth services.

2/1/21 update: ongoing bike chop shop activity along SW 13th Avenue in downtown from SW Montgomery to SW Alder St. Mostly along the bike lane on west side of street.